“A Contractor’s Viewpoint on the Role of the Engineer in FIDIC” by Eugenio Zoppis

A Contractor’s Viewpoint on the Role of the Engineer in FIDIC” was published by the Civil Engineering Surveyor magazine (UK) in May 2018.  This article is based on a conference paper presented at FIDIC-ACEG European Regional Infrastructure Conference, Tbilisi, in Georgia, on 6th March 2018 that was entitled “The Role of the Engineer: a Contractor’s Viewpoint”.

Abstract: The role of the engineer has been evolving from a third party standing between the employer and the contractor to that of the agent of the employer, with powers which differ according to the model of contracts adopted by the parties.  The 2017 Suite of FIDIC Contracts give an increased importance to the Engineer through a robust administrative role in managing the contract and clarify the doubts as to its dual role by taking a clear position for his neutrality when deciding matters or making determinations.  From a Contractor’s viewpoint, this generates confidence in the Engineer as the first tier in the process of avoiding disputes before recourse to the DAB.

Eugenio Zoppis, (MCIArb, MAPM, GMICE, MCInstCES), is a PhD Researcher in Construction Law at the King’s College in London.  He has engineering and legal academic background, with a LLB and a MSc in Construction Law ad Dispute Resolution.  He has 30 years’ experience as a project manager, working on the construction of roads, tunnels and hydroelectric projects, and is currently building a large dam for hydro-power generation in Africa. He has taken part to ICC arbitrations and to dispute boards (DRB, DAB), participating to the preparation of claims and appearing as a party witness in FIDIC based contracts under different legal jurisdictions.

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