• Do you want to change the investment climate and to be proud of what you are doing?
  • Do you want clear criteria in the public procurement procedures?
  • Do you want to define together the rules in construction, in order successfully to build design projects in the conditions of balanced contracts and legal certainty?
  • Do you want to be sure that you will receive due payments on time and that you will be compensated for the additional activities?
  • Do you want to be sure that your project will be performed in a good quality and at a reasonable price?
  • Do you want to stop talking about utilization of funds and start designing the future?

If you want to change what you do not like, stop complaining and do something with us!

Stop running to countries with more regulated laws and help to arrange our wonderful country!

Become one of our members in order to sit at one table with all participants in the construction process and experts in the construction law!

Membership in the Association is voluntary and is open for all natural and legal persons who have accepted the Article of Association and comply with the conditions laid down therein.

If you are interested in the Bulgarian Society of Construction Law and if you have additional questions you may contact us via the Contacts section.

If you have decided to be one of the members of the Association, to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss important issues affecting you with other members and work for the development of construction law in Bulgaria, it is necessary to fill out and submit the following documents:

  • Written application by which you state that you accept the Article of Association.  The written application shall include: the full name of the individual or the legal entity; identification number; address, respectively seat and management address; telephone number and email;
  • For candidates – legal persons – Resolution of the relevant governing body.

After your acceptance information about the membership fee will be provided to you.

New members shall be accepted with a resolution of the Managing Board.

The amount of the membership fee, specified by the Managing Board for 2024 is BGN 125 for natural persons and BGN 250 for legal persons.

Information in regard to the payments of the membership fees:

Bank: UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG30 UNCR 7000 1522 3083 15
Beneficiary: Bulgarian Society of Construction Law
UIC 176873823
Address: Sofia, 1164, 1 Hristo Smirneski Blvd., Building B of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, fl. 10, office 1038
Representative: Viktoria Penkova