European Society of Construction Law Conference News

On the ESCL Conference “Standards & Construction Law” held on 6 – 8 October, 2016 in Vienna was agreed that the presidency will be Bulgarian in 2020.

New ESCL concept bylaws have been accepted unanimously, subject to approval by a Dutch notary public. The bylaws in this wording will be checked up in the Netherlands in order to see if they do not conflict with Dutch law. The bylaws of the new ESCL will take effect after registering in the Netherlands.

The election of the officers according to the new bylaws lead to the following result:

  • the president: Hubert Stöckli (Switzerland);
  • first vice president: Gerhard Hartmann (Austria);
  • second vice president: Ovidiu Dumitru (Romania);
  • the chairman: Richard Bailey (UK);
  • vice chairman: Sebastian Fuchs (Germany);
  • the council: Adriana Spassova (Bulgaria), Benoît Kohl (Belgium), Hugues Périnet-Marquet (France), Giovanni Iudica (Italy), plus the chairman, vice chairman and secretary general;
  • secretary general: Monika Chao (the Netherlands)

On 24th November 2016 the ESCL council shall have its first meeting in Hague.

Prof. Dr. Monika Chao made a statement for the Bulgarian Society of Construction Law, which you can see here:


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