DRBF Central & Eastern Europe Conference 2024 / Sofia; 14-15 March 2024

1 . 2024-03-14

DRBF Central & Eastern Europe Conference 2024 was hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14-15 March 2024.

BSCL was a partner to the event.

Bulgarian and international experts attended the conference.

BSCL was represented by Ms Boyana Milcheva, DRBF Representative for Bulgaria, Dr eng. Adriana Spassova and Assen Alexiev, attorney-at-law.

2. 2024-03-14

Conference theme: Dispute Board Top 5: Focused Insights on Dispute Board Practice


Two workshops were held on 13th March:

  1. Workshop A: Building the Foundation for Quantum Analysis in Construction Disputes
  2. Workshop B: Dispute Board Chair – Role and Responsibilities

3 . 2024-03-14


More information at: https://www.drb.org/2024-03-ceec-2024-sofia-home



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